My Impressions of the Google Chrome browser

posted 05/Feb/2009 by ian in General News,

Part of our job is to test sites in multiple browsers to ensure they display correctly, so obviously we were always going to add Google's Chrome to the list, however I find myself using it more and more and times goes on. Below is my quick take on it thus far.

What I like:

  • Start page with page image thumbs
  • Its fast, especially with javascript related activities
  • Minimalistic User Interface - ironically for a browser named Chrome is has very little of what devlopers refer to as browser chrome, which means more space for the websites
  • I find its search methodology very natural, not surprising when its built by Google
  • I like its source view, complete with active links to assets like CSS also displayed within Chrome.

What I didn't like so much:

  • Its bookmark/favourite system seems a little under done
  • Lack of add-ons

All in all I must say it is a very impressive release for a company that doesn't have much of a history in desktop application development.


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